Auto Body Repair for Jamestown & Lakewood, NY ➤

Charlie Weber's Auto Body Inc. can handle all kinds of damage for the Jamestown, NY and Lakewood, NY area, no matter how minor or severe it may be. Whether a runaway grocery cart ran into your door, causing a small dent, or you were involved in a fender bender and the rear bumper completely fell off, we can help you. With our friendly and knowledgeable technicians, we’re able to get vehicles in for servicing and back on the road again in no time.

Some of our services include auto painting, glass replacement, auto body repair, dent and ding repair, and much more. Accidents are inevitable, whether they’re caused by weather, a person, or something that you couldn’t control. Make sure you have the number of a collision repair shop in your phone should you need it. 

Our Auto Body Repair Services ➤

Call us today to learn more about our auto body shop services or continue to browse our site. 
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